Meet the Trainers

Steve Cohen

two white dogs sitting and looking at camera
Harper and Duff

Steve Cohen’s career as a highly successful dog trainer is built on a deep love of dogs, stemming from his boyhood relationship with his grandmother, a dog lover, and her mixed breed Speedy. They taught Steve about the unconditional love that dogs offer people, so much so that Steve jokes about Speedy being his first best friend.

Steve began pursing his passion for dog training many years ago. Through academic study and hands on training as well as remaining current with animal behavioral journals, he has become an innovator in training methods and one of the most effective trainers in Florida.

Steve has a calm but firm manner that puts owners and their pets at ease while retaining the dog’s attention. Over decades becoming fluent in multiple dog training methods, Steve has developed a highly effective signature approach tailored to the way dogs learn.

And with dramatic results.


Steve’s method — what he calls “Positive E-forcement” — is effective for the kinds of training that most people think of when they consider hiring a trainer such as teaching puppies how to live in the human world and adult dogs obedience and good manners. It is also effective for dogs that display unwanted behaviors such as aggression or anxiety. Steve has helped dogs and their owners by correcting destructive and dysfunctional behaviors and turning formerly out of control animals into ones who are obedient in any environment.


Steve is a graduate of the Animal Behavior College and is finishing up his Masters Degree in Companion Animal Behavior Counseling. He has completed a Dog Training and Behavior externship with the highly regarded Best Friends Animal Society in Kanab, Utah, and he is a professional member of the International Association of Canine Professionals and the Association of Companion Animal Behavior Counselors.

two white dogs with steve cohen
Steve with Harper and Duff

He continuously studies the latest and most effective training and behavior modification techniques, attending seminars and reading academic journals that focus on animal behavior. He participates in and is a respected member of industry peer groups.

Steve has trained for the Humane Society and PETCO, and he has been a Mentor Trainer for the Animal Behavioral College.

Steve lives with his wife Marie and is the happy owner of 2 awesome Golden Retrievers Harper and Duff.

Adam Monette

Adam Monette grew up just outside the quaint waterfront town of Oswego, New York situated along the shore of Lake Ontario. He had no shortage of furry friends throughout his childhood, his earliest memories begin with Shultz, the Great Dane who he would gleefully ride through the hallways from one adventure to the next. Following Shultz was Bear, the nomadic black lab mix who made his mark as the neighborhood mascot, often showing up at the local elementary school to sniff out a treat or say hello to the always elated playground crowds.

adam monette kneeling with a black dog and a tan dog

Adam’s truest inspiration for pursuing a career in dog training came when he adopted a 1-year-old Bull Mastiff named Bubba. At 22 years old and fresh out of the U.S. Navy, Adam took in Bubba who had been given up by several owners due to his behavioral issues. By working with a trainer and dedicating himself to learning the techniques and commands, Adam was able to unlock Bubba’s full potential and increase his capacity for having positive human and canine relationships. Learning to have control over Bubba in distracting environments was such a rewarding experience, that Adam knew he wanted to give other challenged dog owners that same reward.

After receiving his B.S. in Biology from SUNY Oswego, Adam had a serendipitous meeting with his now mentor, Steve Cohen, and began an apprenticeship at Tropical Dog Training. Over the past 5 years, Steve has bestowed his tailored “Positive E-forcement” training methods and unwavering support which led to countless professional experiences for Adam to develop his training skills. Since then Adam has received his certifications as an Advanced Canine Training Professional and a Canine Training Behavior Specialist from the Animal Behavior Institute.

adam monette sitting on a couch holding a black and white dog

Adam has a soft spot in his heart for dogs who are fearful or lack confidence and he prides himself in building bonds with his clients, both dog, and owner. By strengthening an owner’s bond with their dog(s) through new communication tactics, they can show their dogs how to overcome their fears of various stimuli. Allowing dogs to experience the world in a controlled fashion does wonders for a dog’s comfort and confidence, bringing harmony to the family as a whole. Adam’s approach is specifically designed for each client, he understands that every household is different, each with its own dynamics, boundaries, and rules. He will treat every client and situation on an individual level and work with them to address their concerns and needs.