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At Tropical Dog Training, we offer a range of comprehensive training services designed to meet the unique needs of your canine companion. Serving Wellington, FL, we are dedicated to transforming your dog into a well-behaved and obedient member of your family with our specialized programs.

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Board and Train

Our board and train program is perfect for dog owners seeking a thorough training experience. During this intensive program, your dog stays with us and receives personalized training in a structured environment. We focus on obedience, behavior modification, and socialization, ensuring your dog returns home well-mannered and responsive.

In-Home Training

For those who prefer training in a familiar environment, our in-home training service brings our expertise directly to your doorstep. Our trainers work with you and your dog in your home, addressing specific behavioral issues and teaching obedience commands tailored to your living situation.

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Virtual In-Home Training

We also offer virtual in-home training for dog owners who may be outside our immediate service area or prefer remote training sessions. Through video consultations, our expert trainers provide guidance and support, helping you train your dog effectively from the comfort of your home.

Behavior Modification

Our behavior modification service is designed for dogs with more complex behavioral issues. Whether your dog is dealing with aggression, anxiety, or other problematic behaviors, our experienced trainers address these challenges. We create a customized training plan that promotes positive behavior changes, ensuring your dog becomes a happier and more balanced companion.

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Puppy Management

Starting your puppy off on the right paw is crucial for their development. Our puppy management program focuses on early training and socialization, teaching your puppy essential commands and proper behavior. We provide guidance on house training, crate training, and more, setting the foundation for a well-behaved adult dog.

Our Training Method

At Tropical Dog Training, we practice Positive E-Forcement, driven by our deep love for dogs. The well-being and comfort of each dog we train are our utmost priorities. We focus on teaching dogs that listening is in their best interest, encouraging them to obey because they genuinely want to, not because they feel forced.Discover the Tropical Dog Training difference. Serving Wellington, we are dedicated to positively transforming your dog’s behavior and enhancing your relationship with them. Contact us today to get started!