Virtual In-Home Dog Training

Young woman working at home office and stroking her Golden Retriever dog. tropical dog training virtual training

As a result of the recent COVID-19 events Tropical Dog Training has decided to develop a virtual dog training program. The Virtual Dog Training Program will utilize a combination of Technologies to teach you how to train your dog. These technologies will include Live One on One Video Conferencing via Zoom, Demonstration Videos and Written Step by Step Lesson Plans. The virtual dog training program is made up of virtual lessons following the below agenda:

The Tropical Dog Training Team:

  • Will present a training exercise
  • Play a video to demonstrate the exercise
  • Request that you try the exercise with your dog 
  • Answer Your Questions
  • Between lessons Virtual Dog Training Program participants will have virtual access to their dog trainer and training materials to help them successfully train their dogs and have effective practice sessions.
Going to work with pets concept: cute dog with female owner in front of a desktop computer in office. Staffordshire terrier sits in office chair at a modern working place. tropical-dog-training-virtual-training

Tropical Dog Training’s Virtual In-Home Dog Training Program will be similar to the In-Home Dog Training program. The main difference is how you will interface with your dog trainer (live vs. virtual).

Your dog will still learn the basic obedience commands, including sit, down, come, wait, heel, off, quiet, place and release. As well, the sessions will address any unwanted behaviors, such as nuisance barking, jumping, chewing, escaping, stealing and pulling on the leash.

Contact us today to talk about how we can help you reach your virtual dog training goals.