In-Home Training

Tropical Dog Training’s in-home program teaches you how to train your dog. With our dog trainer coaching you, you will train your dog to an advanced state, allowing you to handle your dog in public, no matter the distractions.

Your dog will learn the basic obedience commands, including sit, down, come, wait, heel, off, quiet and place. As well, the sessions will address any unwanted behaviors, such as nuisance barking, jumping, chewing, escaping, stealing and pulling on the leash.


And our In-Home program goes far beyond training. We teach you about every facet of the dog/human relationship such as how to be your dog’s leader and create a strong trust bond with your pet. As well, we show you how to provide your dog with an ideal living environment that suits your lifestyle and provides the schedule and structure that your dog requires.

What you end up with is a well-behaved companion who is a source of pride and a pleasure to own.

We are fluent in all training methods as well as having developed — over years of working with dogs and studying animal behavior — our exclusive methods found nowhere else. Our training program is based on a deep understanding of dog behavior and the commitment to the welfare of each and every dog we train.


At Tropical Dog Training, we are committed to getting you the training results you want for your pet, so our programs are fixed price and all-inclusive, meaning we don’t stop working with you until your dog is properly trained.

And we are convenient. We work around your schedule and conduct training with you and your dog in the comfort of your home.

Contact us today to talk about how we can help you reach your dog training objectives.