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Four Benefits of Board and Train Camps

At Tropical Dog Training, we pride ourselves on offering the best board and train camps in Palm Beach County. We understand that as a ... continue reading

Tropical Dog Training: Experienced Professionals Who Get Results

Our Dog Trainers Are Experienced and Certified by Leading Dog Training Organizations This is the first of two blog posts that outline the standards ... continue reading

Understanding Your Dog Will Make Training Go Smoothly

At Tropical Dog Training, we believe that understanding the dogs we deal with is a key part of effective training. To help you better ... continue reading

Separation Anxiety is Treatable Through Managing Environment and Owner Relationship

Desensitizing Your Dog to Departure Cues Helps with Separation Anxiety For some dog owners, the joy of getting a dog and the pleasure they ... continue reading

Some Punishment Techniques Have Adverse Effects

Pet owners and even some trainers rely on punishment to elicit compliance from pets. But it’s important to know what types of punishment can ... continue reading

Some Aggressive Dog Behaviors Can be caused by Training Technique Used.

How to Avoid the Training Techniques That Can Lead to an Aggressive Dog Many people own dogs, at least to some degree, for their ... continue reading

Puppy Training Requires Proper Timing for Social Development

Understanding how your dog learns to socialize is extremely important for effective and efficient puppy training. Please see this article to learn more about ... continue reading

A Solution for Excessive Barking Requires Consistency

Excessive Barking Could Mean Your Dog is Lonely, Needs Exercise or Feels Threatened Two dogs shouting at each other A barking dog can be ... continue reading

Dog Aggression Can Often Be Treated Through a Combination Approach

If your dog is aggressive, you can sometimes feel like all hope is lost for having a normal life, but we urge you to ... continue reading

Puppy Training is Dramatically Easier Using a Crate

Using a Crate for Puppy Training Gives a Puppy a Safe Haven There are many reasons why we recommend using a crate in puppy ... continue reading