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Tropical Dog Training offers professional dog training services to the following areas, hobe sound, Stuart, fort pierce, Bradenton, , and lakewood park

You Will Learn:

  • How to be your dogs leader
  • How to establish a schedule for your dog
  • How to establish a structured environment for your dog
  • How to communicate with your dog
  • How to teach your dog new behaviors
  • How to stop undesired behaviors
  • How to control your dog around distractions
  • How to control your dog off leash

Your Dog Will Learn:

  • Basic Obedience Commands
  • How to walk on a leash
  • What behaviors are acceptable
  • How to properly greet you and other people
  • and more

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Tropical Dog Training Testimonials

Hi Craig and Peggy-
In my opinion, you are putting your puppy in good hands.

I started working with Steve in September to get help with my 8-year-old pit bull Oreo. She was rescued from an abusive situation, lived in the ASPCA shelter system for a good while and then has lived an excellent - but overprotected - life with me ever since. Hence, her main issue is about socialization with just about anyone other than me.

I've had two lessons with Steve, both of which were highly successful. On the first lesson, Oreo was walking and interacting with him alone and at the end of the second lesson, she was eating treats from his hand. Of course, you will not have these issues with a puppy, however, to me, it demonstrates his calm and patient character, which dogs are sensitive to, as well as his extensive knowledge and experience. The fact that he was willing to take her on speaks volumes.

In all my interactions with Steve, he has always taken more than enough time to educate me about why, answer my questions, and even provide me with additional resources. Steve can teach and guide us but we are ultimately the ones who must maintain pack leader position. It's nice to have a kind and supportive person on the journey.

So yes, you're in good hands.

All the best,

I highly recommend Steve, I had an a dog with an aggressive issue and with Steve's guidance and our consistent training I feel like I have a new dog.
I think you will find him and his training techniques in a positive manner and know your puppy will be in good hands.

Best of luck!
- Richard Sherman
Coconut Grove

Ludo is doing great and we are constantly singing your praises and sharing your contact info. At our neighborhood dog park, his nickname is "The Valedictorian" because he is one of the only dogs that will listen to our commands even while in the middle of playing with other dogs. We are always being stopped by people who ask how old he is, and are shocked to know he is only a puppy because of his obedient behavior. We just filmed him the other day doing obedience work and tricks to show our families back in Naples. He is now six months old but he has been listening to us ever since our first session at 12 weeks old. Brian and I are always saying how much more fun and enjoyable Ludo is now that we know how to work with him. We are now looking for avenues to highlight Ludo's trainability such as agility or flyball. He is an asset to our lives, not a source of stress and frustration, thanks to you!

- Julie and Brian M.

Dear Steve,
Craig and I want to thank you for training our Golden
Retriever.  We are now able to walk her anywhere without her pulling 
on the leash.  She also does not run after people and animals anymore 
what a relief.  Your kind and loving ways of training are exactly
what our dog needed and we are so very grateful for all you have done
in that regards.  She was a good dog but now she is a GREAT dog
because of you. 
Many thanks,

- Craig and Peggy Clough

Steve : 
 Louise and I wanted to say a few words about our experience with Tropical Dog Training.  We have owned dogs [ and by the way, cats, horses, cattle, pigs and chickens ! ] since the early 1980's.  Teddy our Lakeland Terrier is our ninth dog.  Although we have had a number of Airedale Terriers this is our first experience with the Lakeland.  I think it would be fair to say that this breed is a bit more headstrong.  As a result we wanted to make sure we had a very good "basic training" experience which we would be able to build on.  
We spent a considerable amount of time looking at different training programs and we settled on your operation because we have experience with e-collars and because we very much liked your approach with animals.  We were also impressed with your resume.
In the end its results that count and we are very pleased with the work you did with Teddy.  We still have a headstrong dog BUT we have a headstrong dog that is interested in obedience and is therefore easy to continue training. As you know we have continued to work with Teddy on his obsession with the swimming pool.  Based on your training and recommendations we now have control over this and it is a very comforting feeling indeed. We are also able to walk Teddy off leash on the beach and he will ignore distractions and come when called.  It's pretty impressive to watch a dog who is running down the beach away from you come to a screeching halt and turn to run back.  We are happy and Teddy is happy.  That's all that counts!

Thanks for your help and guidance.

- Tom Kappus


I wanted to wait a few days before I contacted you.  Pepper is an absolute joy to be with.  She still has a few "moments" where we do not communicate well, but all in all she is great.  My daughter and I took her to the dog park Saturday and while she wasn't perfect she had a great time and responded well to our commands with all the outside stimulation.  The kids are much more relaxed with her and our walks are very enjoyable.  I can't thank you enough for helping me make her a part of our family.

- Meg L. Wolf


Tropical Dog Training offers Puppy Management, Private In-Home, Board and Train and Canine Behavior Modification Programs in Florida.


Florida Dog Trainer teaching sit, down, come, heel, wait, off, place, quiet and release among others. Breeds: Florida Dog Trainer Training all breeds of dogs from small to large.



Tropical Dog Training offers private in home and board and train services in the following Florida counties and surrounding areas: Miami Dade, Broward, Palm Beach, Martin, St. Lucie, Brevard, Manatee, Sarasota, Hillsborough, Pinellas, Lee, Collier and Orange.

Tropical Dog Training offers private in home and board and train services in the following Florida cities and surrounding areas:  Miami, Orlando, Naples, Fort Lauderdale, Tampa, Sarasota, Bradenton, St. Petersburg, Stuart and Clearwater.

Trainer Qualifications:

Animal Behavior College Certified Dog Trainer in Florida, Florida Dog Trainer with Master’s Degree in Companion Animal Behavior Analysis and Counseling, Florida Dog Trainer with professional membership in IACP (International Association of Canine Professionals) and ACABC (Association of Companion Animal Behavior Counselors).

Dog Breeds trained in Florida are Labrador Retrievers, German Sheppard, Pit Bulls, Beagles, Golden Retrievers, Yorkshire Terriers (Yorke), Bulldogs, Boxers, Poodles, Dachshunds,  Rottweiler’s, Shih Tzu, Chihuahuas, Maltese, Labradoodle among others.

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Puppy Training
* Potty Training
* Jumping
* Mouthing
* Chewing
* Barking
* Crate Training
* Puppies 101
* Bonding
* Feeding
* Structure
* Leadership
* Socialization
* Introduction to Leash and Collar

Obedience Commands

* Sit
* Down
* Heel
* Come
* Wait/Stay
* Quiet
* Off
* Place

Behavior Modification

* Nuisance Barking
* Jumping on People
* Chewing/Digging
* Biting / Mouthing
* Potty Training Issues
* Pulling on the leash
* Running Away
* Escaping
* Aggression
* Noise/Thunderstorm Phobia
* Separation Anxiety
* Reactive Behavior to Dogs
* Reactive Behavior to People/Visitors