DiVet is an oil based supplement that supports the digestional system.

An old proverb says: “you are, what you eat”… and it is true, because:

Everything we, or our pets eat is through digestion and metabolism transformed into body structures, organs, cells, hormones, immune system and the like. The body consists of more than 70 billion cells (not counting the brain cells) working 24/7 throughout the whole lifespan.The transformation process starts and ends in the digestional tract. It is also here, that we find more than 2/3 of the primary immune system. Therfore a healthy gut and digestional tract is the fundament on which a strong and healthy body feeds.

The DiVet food supplement series, is tailored to meet the natural biological needs, horses, dogs and cats have in their digestional tract, for specific nutrients that nourish the gut, organs, systems and structures related to the digestional tract.

When and why can I give DiVet.

When an animal have problems in the gut, or related organs and systems i.e. due to infections, parasites, diarrhea and the like, the body soon becomes deficient of a range of nutrients, it needs in order to maintain and rebuild the intestinal tract, related organs and structures. The uniquely tailored recipes of DiVet for dogs supplement all the nutrients that the digestional tract needs.

Some of the problems DiVet can be used for:

Colitis, leaking- bleeding gut syndrome, stress ( combine with NeVet), weightloss, diarrhea, skin diseases, allergies( combine with ImVet),kidney disease, liver disease and much more..

Easy to use, instructions on the bottle.